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Where did the name TH3 ADDICT come from?

That natural high you get when you see a gorgeous, well-designed handbag, that same feeling that causes you to make every excuse to justify why that piece belongs in your wardrobe. That is the inspiration behind the TH3 ADDICT. 

Our ethos is based on quality and uniqueness. ​Every collection features a delicate blend of budget friendly and ultra-luxe designer pieces that are unique in style and structure as you are. New pieces are added everyday just keep it spicy and exciting.

Disclaimer: TH3 ADDICT only aims to play on the harmless obsession of wanting to grow your collection of beautiful handbags. We understand that addiction is a real, complex, and serious issue. If you ever find yourself struggling with any type of addiction, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in your area.



At our very core, Th3 Addict is all about the unapologetic appreciation of originality and personal expressions of style through handbags.


Our mission is too sensibly curate unique handbags that make our fashion forward customers stand out in any crowd and on every occasion. We put all the gorgeous bags in one location so you would not have to go searching.


Sexy + Confident + Unapologetic

We are all about unadulterated style. Our unique pieces are an experience. One that evokes a sense of femininity, strength and timelessness.


We promise to deliver high-quality, uncommon pieces that are meant to be worn from day to night, celebration upon celebration and year after year.


Don’t become a hoarder. Every time you buy a new item, take another one that you have for some time or one that you rarely use and do any of the following:

Donate it.

Donate It-min.jpg

Sell it online.

sell it online-min.jpg

Regift it.

Throw it out, Recycle it.

Re-gift it-min.jpg
Recycle It-min.jpg
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